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We are delighted to announce that Eco Koh Tao have joined the Big Microplastic Survey project and are busy collecting data from the coastline of this beautiful island.

Eco Koh Tao is an association devoted to marine conservation.  They specialize in preparing and instructing divers and dive professionals with an emphasis on all aspects of marine conservation. They believe that their training and education will make better divers and preserve our coral reefs for generations to come.

In this age where the environment is changing so rapidly, divers with ecological expertise will be in increasing demand.  Using world standard methodologies like Reef Check and Coral Watch Eco Koh Tao’s marine conservation and Eco diving programs are leading the way to a more educated world of Eco divers.

Eco Koh Tao can offer university students various opportunities to gain ‘hands on’ experience.  From learning to dive, coral reef monitoring, citizen science, artificial reef building to water testing.  There are certainly plenty of opportunities for students interested in studying in this unique environment.

To find out more about their internship opportunities go to their website

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