The Big Microplastic Survey was developed as a collaboration between Just One Ocean and the University of Portsmouth with each organisation contributing to the project.  The University will be involved in the analysis of data as well as the preparation of scientific papers arising from the results alongside Just One Ocean.  The data will also provide an opportunity to develop a range of other research projects at undergraduate and post graduate level, all of which will continue to increase the knowledge base that already exists regarding microplastics.  We hope that other universities and research organisations will be a part of the project in the future.

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Partner with us

We want to establish partnerships in this venture with organisations who have experience in conservation, research and volunteer projects who are willing to work with us.  For example we are pleased to announce that Operation Wallacea have agreed to be a partner and introduce the The Big Plastic Survey into the programme for students on their expeditions.  There knowledge and expertise will help to bring in valuable data from numerous locations around the world that might not have been studied in the past.  Similarly, organisations such as The Plastic Oceans Foundation and the Plastic Soup Foundation are supporting our work.  If you would like to partner us in the project please get in touch.

Some of our partners