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We started our Big Microplastic Survey project just over 12 months ago. The aim of the project was to fill the gaps in our knowledge about the scale, distribution and effects of microplastics and mesoplastics around the world. When we began we had very little funding for what was a very ambitious project and initially the data collection was based on people sending us emails which included their results. We then transferred that data to spreadsheets in order that we could analyse it at a later date. However, it was really inefficient and what we really wanted was a process that would enable volunteers to submit their data directly.

We are pleased to say that with the help of some generous donations we have finally managed to achieve that aim. When volunteers have collected and analysed their samples they go onto the app and submit the information electronically. As well as producing the app we have also produced an interactive results section on the website which enables anyone to identify the location, types and densities of plastic pollution for any given survey.

Our next development will be too add additional layers and visual demonstrations of how microplastics and mesoplastics are impacting on coastlines, lakes and rivers to the database.

If you want to find out more go to our Big Microplastic Survey website.

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